Your club needs you!

Club Executive and Convenor Vacancies 2018

Your club needs you in 2018. The Gap Netball Club provides over 500 players with an opportunity to play netball.  Next year we need to fill a number of vacancies on the Executive and convenors teams. To find out what job you can do, go to the list of positions and find one that suits you. No volunteers will mean no club and no players taking the court.

You will take over your role in November and the current team is  happy to provide you with support.



The President oversees the club and helps to provide strategic direction. You will be responsible for chairing the General meetings and the AGM and with enough willing workers you can steer the ship. You are the point of contact for complaints to and from DPNA and will need to attend the DPNA general meetings which occur four times a year.

Vice President

The Vice-President assists the President. You assist in finding managers for teams and willing workers for other roles. There may be special tasks required from time to time. You accompany the President to DPNA meetings.


The secretary is responsible for all correspondence to and from the club. In particular this role makes sure that all the other members of the team have the necessary information from DPNA and Netball Australia. The Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the club meets its obligations as an incorporated group including that all agendas and minutes are published in a timely fashion. This role is also responsible for the website and facebook page.


The treasurer is responsible for all of the finances, this includes ensuring all income, bills and expenses are paid and recorded. The treasurer is responsible for ensuring the financial records are kept accurately and are audited on an annual basis. The treasurer is the primary liaison with the Club’s bank and auditors.


In this role you assist in setting up registrations and answering queries about registering for both Net Set Go Term 1 and Term 4 as well as the winter season. You are responsible for maintaining the data base of registrants and to ensure that there are email contact addresses for households and for teams. You will need to liaise with the treasurer to ensure payment plans are in place and all players and non-playing members are registered and financial. You will liaise with Netball QLD about MyNetball and with DPNA about registrations. The bulk of this role occurs in Jan/Feb but then you will need to take calls and manage late registrations and withdrawals throughout the season.

Grading convenor (Junior/Senior) – 2 positions

This role is divided into a Junior Convenor for 11s, 12s and 13s and a Senior Convenor for the Cadets, Inters, and Opens. The Grading convenor is responsible for booking the hall at the Gap State High, booking the required courts at the Hilda Rd State School, advertising and selecting the graders (3 for juniors and 3 for seniors with 1 independent grader), paper grading of all players based on coaches feedback from previous season, and drawing up team lists for each grading session. Being available on grading day to coordinate and responding to queries regarding grading.

Umpiring convenor (Rostering/Junior/Senior) – 3 positions

The umpiring convenor is responsible for recruiting, training, supervising and encouraging new and experienced umpires. The rostering position will be responsible for rostering umpires to allocated games (11s to opens)for each fixture day. The Junior and Senior Convenor roles would be responsible for the training of umpires, organising umpires for grading days and carnivals, and liaising with DPNA regarding issues with umpires/teams/players/coaches. The umpiring convenor needs to be available on Saturdays.

Coaching convenor (Junior/Senior) – 2 positions

The coaching convenor is responsible for identifying and allocating coaches for all teams 11s, 12s, 13s (Junior), Cadets, Inters, Opens (Senior). They are responsible for training and supporting coaches and their mentors, for troubleshooting issues on fixtures day and providing coaching resources.

Sponsorship and fundraising (1 or 2 positions)

In this role you will be managing our current sponsors and finding new sponsors. This will involve setting up the arrangements for each sponsorship year, finding new sponsors that meet the club ethos and provide benefits to members. You will need to liaise with the Coaching and Umpiring Convenor as well as the President. You will need to arrange for logos to be placed on the website, links to be made on facebook and any relevant signage. This role could be combined with fundraising or they could be separate roles.

8-10s Convenor

The 8-10s Convenor puts all 8s, 9s and 10s players into teams based on requests and ability. They are responsible for identifying a coach, manager and umpire for each team. The 8-10s convenor liaises with the Registrar and Secretary.

Uniform Convenor

This role is responsible for liaising with our uniform supplier regarding volume and pricing of uniform. They are also responsible for identifying and arranging for additional uniform e.g training shirts.