Welcome to umpiring! Below are the answers to many of the questions you have. Please ask if you have any more questions!


As per Downey Park Netball Association preference, parents only may umpire Net Set Go games. Minimum requirements for NSG umpires are 1) Attend Net Set Go Rules Workshop and 2) Complete Level One Theory Exam. See below for further information.


Minimum age for competitive umpires is 13yrs (born 2005 for 2018season). Parents are also encouraged to join the umpiring team – as umpires or umpire mentors (should have umpiring experience).

Umpiring Education

New Umpires

Start learning the rules. They are available at Official Rules of Netball 2016 or you can buy your own rule book – Official Rules of Netball 2016 is available for purchase online – just google it. All umpires should have a copy of the rules whenever they are umpiring. If you are going for a badge you should always have a copy of your Official Rules of Netball with you when umpiring.

Net Set Go Rules Workshop (Compulsory for Net Set Go umpires)

Held at Downey Park Courts near the control desk, this workshop is recommended for all umpires, coaches, managers, and parents that will be assisting with the Net Set Go competition. It will focus on the Net Set Go adaptations to the Netball Australia competitive rules.

Level One Theory Exam (Compulsory for all umpires)

The theory exam is now done online through Netball Australia and must be completed and returned to me before you may umpire. There is no fee charged to take the exam and there is no limit to the number of times the exam can be attempted. For the Section 1 Umpire Exam and the Online Mentoring Course go to

Please email me a copy of your certificate once you have passed the exam.

Due to the new rules changes, all umpires are required to re-sit this exam, and forward a copy of their exam to me, dated post 1st January 2016.

Introduction to Umpiring Clinic (Compulsory for new competitive umpires)

Held at the Downey Park, this course will explain the principles of umpiring, communication and rule discussions. This course is compulsory for all new competitive umpires.

Please take whistles, notebook and pen. Please email to advise me which course you will take. You are not able to umpire at Downey Park until you do this course, and the places will fill quickly. Cost of course will be covered by TGNC.

Practical Training (Compulsory for new competitive umpires)

Intensive training for new umpires begins early 2018! All umpire training will be held at Hilder Road State School. Each umpire training session will be different, and new umpires are encouraged to attend as many as possible. It is mandatory for all new umpires to attend further practical training over the grading week. New umpires will learn the basics of how to umpire and also do some actual umpiring under the guidance of experienced umpires.All new umpires are required to attend at least three practical training sessions before they are able to umpire at Downey Park. Training dates will come out in January 2018.

Level 1 Course (Not for new umpires)

This course is for umpires looking to get their National C badge this year, and is now done online at

The course costs $25. Traditionally the club pays for this, and we will continue to do so. At this stage, if you are ready to do the exam you will need to pay for it with credit card, send the receipt and your certificate to me, and the club will reimburse you.

Umpiring FAQs


If you intend to go for a National Badge I need to know ASAP. There is lots of coaching and paperwork involved in getting badged – it doesn’t just happen! DPNA now allows clubs to do their own Junior badging, which is done using unbiased experienced umpires from other clubs. We will continue to do our own Junior Badging this year and hope to see lots of girls pushing to get to that level of umpiring.

Minimum Standards

The following Umpire qualifications is an extract from the DPNA Umpires Report 2014.


Clubs are asked to meet the following prerequisites for all umpires rostered for fixture games and for on-call umpires.

Level Minimum Requirement
Open Div 1, 2, and Inter Div 1 National Badge, or experienced umpires working towards National C Badge.
Other Open Divisions Recommendation is as for above but must be at least as per Cadets and Intermediate Divisions
Cadet and Inter Div 2 and below Introduction to Umpiring Course
11-13 Years, all divisions Level One Theory Exam Pass (Online)
Net Set Go all ages and divisions Noncompetitive Workshop and Level One Theory Exam Pass (Online)


All competitive umpires are required to wear their club uniform or umpire whites. Downey Park have now approved umpires to wear sports shorts and coloured skirts, however please continue to wear a white shirt while umpiring. It is acceptable to wear your club uniform with a white shirt over the top. If you have a Senior or Junior Badge, or if you are preparing for these, you will be encouraged to wear full whites. Please wear appropriate footwear – joggers/sandshoes etc. Umpires may wear a watch and/or jewellery.  Sun protection is encouraged eg. Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat. Umpires who are incorrectly dressed will incur a fine from Downey Park.

The Gap Netball Club Umpiring uniforms may be purchased from The Ashgrove West Drapery, or you can put together your own umpiring uniform as long as the predominant colour is white.

Net Set Go Umpires have the option of wearing whites, or if you are not wearing white, you must wear the white throw over bib which will be located in the team bag. If you are wearing TGNC playing uniform for NSG umpiring you MUST wear a white shirt or throw over bib.


All umpires are covered by insurance through Netball Queensland. This is one of the reasons why I request your details at the beginning of the season. If you have not yet filled in the online form for umpiring please see the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Signing On

All umpires (competitive and Net Set Go) must sign on at least 15 minutes prior to the game they will umpire. You may sign on earlier. Sign on is at the Umpires Desk located beside the canteen at Downey Park. Failure to sign on will incur a $50 fine from Downey Park.


Netball umpires use metal finger grip whistles. Whistles should not be attached to ribbon or string, and should never be hung around your neck. Metal finger grip whistles are available for purchase from most sporting stores for about $10.

What to take

A metal finger grip whistle, a hairband to keep track of centre passes, drink bottle, sun protection, rule book. Junior umpires should have an adult with them.

Umpiring Stables

All umpires will be allocated to an umpiring stable. This is a new system and I will appreciate any feedback you can give me. Each stable will include experienced badged umpires, umpires close to badging, experienced Junior umpires, new competitive umpires, and new Net Set Go umpires. Your stable manager will advise me of your progress and let me know when you need harder or easier games. Your stable manager will ensure you are buddied with an appropriately experienced umpire for your level, and will let me know as you reach milestones along the way.

Umpire Buddies

New umpires will have an experienced umpire to mentor them for their first three games. They will receive intensive coaching during these three games. When the new umpire is noted to be both competent and confident, she will be able to umpire without her buddy. She will still be monitored by her Stable Manager and the Convenor, but for a smaller portion of the game.


  • Net Set Go Umpires do not get paid.
  • Net Set Go Umpires who umpire a set number of games will be eligible to be reimbursed their family levy ($100).
  • Competitive Umpires are paid by TGNC for all games except the first three buddy games.
  • Umpire who has done at least Intro to Umpiring course and Level 1 Theory Exam pass – $11
  • Umpire with Junior Badge – $15
  • Adult umpire over 18years with no badge – $15
  • Umpire with National C Badge – $20

Payments will be made into your bank account. If you are a new umpire or if you have changed account details, please email me with your bank account details.

Keeping up with what’s happening

Peta Harvey is our Umpire Roster Convenor. Peta will allocate all umpires their games based on feedback received from Stable Managers.  Rosters are sent out weekly once the season starts. Rosters have traditionally been sent out out via email, and uploaded to our closed facebook page. Parents and umpires are welcome to join our closed facebook page. We regularly post rosters, helpful hints and umpiring news, plus extra games that may come up. Young umpires – you must discuss this with your parents before opening a facebook account.

Umpire Convenors

Peta and Ruth have been organising umpiring at TGNC for a number of years.

Failure to Sign On

Failure to sign on prior to the game or failure to umpire your allocated game will result in a fine from Downey Park which you will be expected to pay.

If you are unwell and cannot umpire

Ring me as soon as you realize you are unable to umpire. The sooner you do this, the easier it is for me to find a replacement. From 3pm Friday afternoon, you must not email me – I will not check them before the game. You must ring/text me.

Finally – thanks for trying umpiring. Many netballers really love umpiring, and I hope you will too. Always let me know if there is something that is making your umpiring experience less enjoyable – I may be able to help.

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