Finishing up

End of season celebrations are included in registration fees for NetSetGO and Downey Park Netball Association (DPNA) Winter Season. All players receive a trophy or certificate recognising their participation and Winter Season players also receive a team photo.

What happens at end of season?

NetSetGO players have a sausage sizzle celebration after their final training session in Term 1 or Term 4, and Downey Park Netball Association (DPNA) Winter Season players have an end-of-season breakup, with all costs included in the registration fees.

All Winter Season Modified Rules teams (8s to 10s) have a small celebration at Downey Park after their last match.

The Club organises separate breakups as end-of-season parties where teams dress up to a theme they choose and celebrate the season they’ve just finished. The breakups also provide an opportunity to thank the team coach and manager for their work during the season.

The Modified Rules breakup in recent years has been at the end of August (which is typically the day after Competitive team Grand Finals).

Competitive teams (11s and older) have 2 breakups by age grade, 11s to 13s, and Cadets to Opens. In recent years the Competitive breakups have been held after the scheduled Grand Finals, leaving
space for the allocated finals wet day.

How is playing recognised?

At the end of the season NetSetGO players receive a certificate, and Downey Park Netball Association (DPNA) Winter Season players receive trophies and all costs are included in the registration fee.

Winter Season Modified Rules players (8s to 10s) each receive a medal from DPNA at the end-of-season celebration at Downey Park, and they each receive a trophy from the Club at the Modified Rules breakup.

Winter Season Competitive players competing in Grand Finals are awarded a trophy by DPNA after the final, and each player also receives a trophy (engraved wine glass for Opens) from the Club at the Competitive breakups.

Each Competitive team awards two additional trophies at breakups, typically a Players’ Player trophy and a Coach’s Award trophy.

The Club also awards 5- and 10-year medals to players at breakups, and umpires who achieve an Association or National Badge during the season are awarded a trophy.


Does TGNC take photos of players?

The Club provides a team photo for each Downey Park Netball Association (DPNA) Winter Season player, and takes photos of matches for promotions.

Team photos are distributed at breakups, and taken by a professional photographer who produces teams photos for several DPNA clubs. The cost of team photos is included in the registration fee, and team photos are taken at Hilder Road on a Sunday in mid-July.

The Club takes photos of players and spectators at matches for promotional purposes under Netball Australia guidelines with consent provided on the registration form. Email the Secretary if you have any concerns about this consent.